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True horror of Sanlu milk scandal revealed

The Chinese government has admitted that nearly 300,000 children have been sickened by tainted milk products – six times more than was previously thought. The dramatic increase was published in a statement on a government website. Authorities have also acknowledged that at least six children died after drinking infant formula contaminated with industrial chemicals – […]

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New prebiotic ruled safe for baby food

The European Commission has ruled that the prebiotic oligofructose can now be used in European baby foods, while a Royal Society report has called for tightening of laws for new baby formulae. The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Food has ruled that a mixture of oligofructose and galacto-oligosaccharides can now be added to food for […]


Report calls for tightening of baby formula controls

EUROPE – The Royal Society released a report this week calling for tightening of laws for new baby formulae. The study looks at the effect of genetically modified ingredients and whether they are fit for human consumption. It says that although there is no reason to see current GM ingredients as unsafe, all foods should […]


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