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The International Dairy Federation’s (IDF) World Dairy Summit in Belfast this week will focus as part of the programme on the role of dairy in teenagers’ diets. Good nutrition is important for everyone, but for teenagers it is particularly important because the teen years are critical for the laying down of calcium in bone, the IDF notes.

Marianne Smith Edge, dietitian and founder of AgriNutrition Edge (formerly The International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation, US) will focus on understanding Generation Z’s attitudes and consumption patterns as a foundation for dairy consumption and innovation. Dr Moshe Mishali, psychologist, University of Haifa, Israel will focus on behaviour change in families around diets and milk consumption.

Around a fifth of teenage girls across the world are currently falling short on their recommended daily intake of calcium, iodine and riboflavin and dairy could help to fill the gap. While dairy consumption is generally on the rise, teenagers who turn away from dairy are not aware of the potential impact on long-term health.

This is one of those items that a summit does so well. More information and wider dissemination of dairy-related information can help consumers get the nutrition and knowledge they need to make informed food choices and ensure health and growth.

See you all in Belfast!

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