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This weekend, we wanted a new slimline water collection devide for our front garden. We went to the local home and garden centre, and were faced with the single example we wanted, with a large dent in it. We went home without it.

I then went on my iPhone and used PayPal to buy the product we wanted, and which was delivered the very next morning by a smiling delivery driver. Argos had saved the day. It had cost us £2 more than the in-person version and was a perfect example of what a water butt should look like. It is now being installed by my handy spouse.

We take this for granted. I use my phone for all kinds of purchases. I now sit atop a new rug we ordered from Ikea a couple of weeks ago. We socialise on WhatsApp and other chat methods, ranging from Zoom to Microsoft Teams. We bank and order food (and milk and cheese) online. This pandemic has been a driver of remote, online life.

Your child is more connected than ever, but how careful are they about cybersecurity?

Interestingly, I read an article in this Saturday’s Times magazine, which was a call for better cyber security, written by Nicole Perlroth. It was alarming how cyberattacks have been aiming at crucial areas, such as a country’s water supply, in one case. What stood out for me is the human difference – an engineer saw the cursor being moved and stopped the change before it did the damage.

While we can’t do much about what governments and companies do about cybersecurity, we can insist that they make securing our information that we provide them as a top priority, in addition to providing these valuable services.

Also, we can help by being security aware, Perlroth notes, “If individuals recognise their own role in our collective cyber predicament and deploy better password management, switch on multifactor authentication, run their software updates, and stop clicking on links and attachments that give hackers entry to everything they touch with a mouse.”

The cyber world and its connections are the water and electricity of modern life, and often are running these vital services. It’s up to everyone to keep it safe. Keep your eyes open when online, as well as off.

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