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This week, our registration platform for the Dairy Industries Expo will be going live. That, and the news that our sister publication Confectionery Production has agreed to join us in Harrogate, UK in October, for its conference, means that this autumn will be a very exciting time for our magazine and company.

I hope everyone can join us for the three-day exposition 4-5 October. We hope to have people from processor to plate, from suppliers to trade consumers of productions equipment and ingredients there. Plus both chocolate and cheese.

Speaker-wise, the lineup is quite appealing. The Society of Dairy Technology is joining us at the show, which I am sure will be a great experience for us, as well as attendees. Donna Berry from the news site Berry on Dairy will also be featuring, as well as cheese maker Razan Alsous from local cheese company Yorkshire Dama Cheese. We will be adding more speakers as we go on.

Truthfully, Sam Bull and I have been delighted by the interest shown by the industry for this event. It has personally been very heartening to see people enjoy the idea of the expo and as the editor for the past (nearly) 18 years, it is really quite thrilling to throw a dairy party, and for people to want to come. To paraphrase actress Sally Field’s acceptance speech at the 1984 Oscars, “You like us, you really like us!”

Our events folks, Amy and Lauren, are hard at work on the details of the project, to make it a smashing success. In a way, an event like this showcases the entire chain of trade magazine publishing, from wordsmith and sales to events promotion. It is an excellent chance to meet up and exchange ideas about our favourite subject, dairy. And to add chocolate and sweets (candy) to the mix.

Ok, that’s me. Off to go get some coffee to carry my milk in. Happy Monday all.

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