Emmi expands to niche markets

Emmi is keen to achieve international growth in attractive niches, one of which is goat’s milk products, which are becoming increasingly popular. Another is that of sustainably manufactured foods, such as organic foods. A third niche, and one in which Emmi is already making successful inroads not only in Switzerland but also abroad, is that of lactose free dairy products.

By acquiring Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery in Sebastopol, California, US, Emmi has expanded in all three of these areas at a stroke. Emmi now earns 44% of its turnover abroad; one third through exports from Switzerland and two thirds with products from foreign subsidairies. The intention is that it should be achieved through both organic growth and further acquisitions.

Jennifer Bice, present owner and CEO at Redwood Hill, says, “I am confident that Emmi is the right choice for Redwood Hill’s future. I feel completely aligned with Emmi’s very high standards for quality, their strong emphasis on employees and their commitment to sustainability. Most importantly, they have encouraged us to maintain the way we do business here at Redwood Hill.

Urs Riedener, CEO at Emmi, explains, “Emmi now has a network of firms successfully operating in the premium and specialities market in North America. We have shown our ability to do a particularly good job of integrating pioneering family owned enterprises into the Emmi Group over the long term.”

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