DSM wins for Delvo Cheese CT-Light cultures

DSM won the Reduction & Reformulation Innovation Award for its Delvo Cheese CT-Light cultures at the recent Food Ingredients Europe 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.

DSM says that its Delvo Cheese CT-Light cultures allow cheese makers to create healthier continental cheeses using low fat milk with the same taste and texture that consumers expect from a full fat product. The cultures are also said to allow cheeses to ripen faster, lowering production costs per unit and reducing the carbon footprint.

Speaking after collecting the award on behalf of DSM at the ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany, Susanne Jaspers, global sales director for cultures at DSM Food Specialties, comments, “Consumers and food producers alike increasingly seek healthier options as people the world over look to reduce fat, as well as sugar and salt, in their diets.

“We are proud to be able to contribute to healthier diets with a product like Delvo Cheese CT-Light, and also proud that our efforts to enable better food have been recognised by the jury.”

Delvo Cheese CT-Light enables fat to be reduced by 30% or more. This is all achieved by the action of the cultures, without the use of any additives or stabilisers, DSM says.

This enables cheese makers to meet the demand for healthier options by giving the impression of a full-fat product, but with less fat and fewer calories. Accelerated ripening times also deliver cost benefits to producers, DSM says, while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint associated with production. Faster ripening means less time and therefore energy needed for temperature-controlled storage.

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