GMO free for Uelzena

Trade and consumers in Germany are increasingly demanding GMO-free products. At the moment the Association for Non-Genetic Food Products (VLOG) lists just under 7,000 foods labelled GMO-free, and German dairy group Uelzena eG will now follow the trend.

In order to remain competitive and to meet the growing market requirements Uelzena has decided to offer GMO-free cheese as of 1 July. This meant that the conversion to GMO-free milk production had to take place as early April and since 15 May GMO-free milk has been delivered by the milk suppliers.

The transitional period for the feed conversion is three months. In order to produce on time, the feed and the feeding had to be changed on 1 January.

In particular, the conversion concerns the dairy farmers, who supply their raw milk to the Altmark-Käserei Uelzena (the Bismark site). There, separate processing of the raw milk is not possible and there would be additional freight costs to the dairy farmers. At the other locations of Uelzena eG both normal raw milk and VLOG raw milk can be processed.

Switching to GMO-free products poses new challenges and initial costs. Uelzena eG is offering all dairy farmers a supplement of 0.75 cents per kilogram after approval by the certification body. This supplement will always be paid for full months upon presentation of the approval by the certification body and will be valid until 31 December. Any farm that converts,will be awarded the contract, regardless of where and how the milk is processed.

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