InfatPlus from Advanced Lipids

Advanced Lipids launches InfatPlus – a fat ingredient that’s closer to mother’s milk fat in China.

New research (as yet unpublished) conducted by Advanced Lipids has found that there are differences in the structure of mother’s milk in China, when comparing breast milk from women from different countries.

On the back of this research, the company has created InfatPlus, a fat ingredient specially designed to be closer to the structure of mother’s milk in China.

China accounts for almost half of all formula sales globally and research conducted by Advanced Lipids has shown that Chinese parents’ value infant formula of high quality and with high nutritional value.

Dr. Marcus Gliwitzki, CEO of Advanced Lipids, said: “Mother’s milk offers optimal nutrition for infants and we already provide a product that contains many of its benefits. Now we’re offering an advanced fat ingredient that is even closer to mother’s milk in China”.

Ronald van der Knaap, chairman of Advanced Lipids, added: “The launch of InfatPlus represents a major step forward for infant formula. We are proud of launching this innovation focusing on the world’s biggest and most important formula market.”

InfatPlus is being launched this week at Food Ingredients China, 18-20 March in Shanghai.

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