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Cream cheese remains the most important import cheese in Switzerland and recorded the strongest growth in 2018, according to a report at the general assembly of Switzerland Cheese Marketing (SCM) .

While cheese imports in 2018 increased by 1,734 tons (+3.0%) compared to 2017, fresh cheese and mozzarella grew by approximately 1,337 tons, representing about 80% of volume growth.

The average import price rose again in 2018 to CHF 6.85/kg (€6.17) compared to CHF 6.48/kg in 2017.

Germany remains the most important market for Swiss cheese, both in terms of export and import, especially for low-priced products for industry and gastronomy.

Swiss cheese exports (up 1.4% by volume) increased both to European and to non-European markets.

Growth was weak in the saturated and competitive European market. Therefore the SCM has decided to intensify its activities in six markets. In the Nordic countries, Swiss cheese exporters and a variety of organisations can now rely on an SCM expert, who works exclusively for the promotion and marketing of Swiss cheese. And in the near future, such an option will be employed in the US as well.

The export of Swiss cheese remains essential, so that the current level of production can be maintained. The worldwide search for new sales opportunities is therefore a major challenge facing SCM, the organisation says.

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