Germany’s dairy strategy

Representatives of the German agricultural industry have developed a common strategy, which defines answers to foreseeable challenges in the dairy industry. This plan, “Strategy 2030 of the German dairy industry” is a catalogue of measures, showing solutions for current and future challenges for the target group of milk producers, the dairy industry as well as the entire chain of the dairy industry and political institutions.

Behind the strategy is the German Farmers’ Association, the German Raiffeisen Association, the Milk Industry Association, the Cooperative Dairy Interest Group and the Federal Association of the Private Dairy Industry.

The standard setting is to take social requirements into account and production standards are to be developed further, while creating added value for all links in the milk supply chain.

In case of the supply relationships, an early transfer of market signals to milk producers should enable a faster adjustment of the milk quantity. Systems for risk management of price fluctuations must also be significantly expanded by the players in the dairy industry.

Strategy 2030 is the starting signal for a common and ongoing process, the participants say. All major players in the German dairy industry are invited to contribute constructively to the implementation. Furthermore, the strategy and the individual measures are to be checked and readjusted at regular intervals on a common platform. An interim assessment is planned for 2025.

The technical work has taken place in nine different working groups on the most relevant topics in the dairy industry: sales promotion/industry communication; standard-setting; shaping agricultural policy; dairy structures and added value; supply relationship/dealing with volatilities; digitalisation; export/trade policy; research/teaching/training and sustainability.

The working groups involved a total of more than 100 experts from associations, research and business.

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