Alpenhain goes interactive

The trend in Germany is to get consumers mentally closer to the farmers and the dairies and so have a better understanding about the dairy sector and its products. Alpenhain now wants to offer consumers and customers even more transparency with an interactive dairy farmers map.

The new map, published on the Alpenhain website, not only shows where the farms of the Alpenhain milk suppliers are located, but also provides information about the residents, the area under cultivation, the history and the special features of the farms.

Alpenhain not only supports regional farms, which have also been family-owned for several generations, but also guarantees fresh milk through short transport routes, it says.

“From our barn we can see the Alpenhain cheese dairy. It’s good to know that our milk is processed practically on the doorstep,” said Martin Ettmüller, one of the around 250 Alpenhain dairy farmer partners.

Over 450 employees and trainees work at Alpenhain, processing approximately 80 million liters of fresh Alpine milk annually.

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