Sacco System develops range of Italian pizza cheese cultures

With over 145 years of experience, Sacco System has developed a range of lactic cultures for pasta filata cheeses and mozzarella which the company says will improve dairy production and create high-quality products whilst ensuring a simple flow and a reliable and constant production.

Sacco System’s new range of cultures are labelled “MARGHERITA | Italian pizza cheese cultures”: specific lactic acid bacteria for the production of mozzarella for pizza that, according to Sacco, ensures:

  • better fermentation speed
  • better stretchability
  • fine slicing
  • standardisation of production time
  • slow post acidification
  • excellent browning control.

The line of lactic cultures is made up of two specific products that reportedly guarantee an excellent speed of acidification and are available in freeze-dried and frozen versions (Lyofast and Cryofast): ST Regina – M and ST Regina – S.

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