Goldmilch’s Germany sales focus

For the German dairy Goldmilch, last year saw 85% of its sales of €63.5 million being generated in Germany, while the remaining 15% were obtained in the EU internal market.

The main focus of sales was whole milk and cream powder production for the chocolate industry. Goldmilch achieved 31% of sales with products heated to ultra-high temperatures, such as shake and ice cream ingredients, which were mainly produced for McDonald’s.

Milk shipping, on the other hand, apparently no longer plays a role. The amount of milk processed at Goldmilch was 129.8 million kg in 2019, 1.5% more than in 2018.

The own milk production was 113.7 kg from an average of 328 milk producers, while 16.1 million kg were purchased from other dairies.

In 2019 the company invested €250,000 in its two locations. In Ingolstadt, the storage and impeller for the evaporator and the silo loading for milk powder were replaced, and in Thalmässing the packaging area for the bag-in products was completed.

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