Giuseppe Ambrosi appointed EDA president

The European Dairy Association (EDA) Board has elected Giuseppe Ambrosi as its new president. With a wide experience in the European dairy sector, Ambrosi’s focus will aim to promote and reinforce the image and reputation of milk and dairy.

With Giuseppe Ambrosi as the new president of the EDA, the European lactosphère has a new inspiring leader with an unrivalled experience in the European dairy sector. As CEO of Ambrosi Spa, market leader in premium specialty Italian cheese, and long-standing chairperson of the Italian EDA Member ASSOLATTE, Ambrosi has a deep insight into the European dairy world. Giuseppe was also a keynote speaker at our 2019 Annual Convention and has joined the EDA Board in 2020.

“I am honoured to take over the EDA Presidency from Michel Nalet, who was the driving force of EDA for the last eight years” he expressed. “With his tireless energy and enthusiastic dairy dedication, Michel brought our European trade association to a new level of visibility, access and impact in Brussels and beyond. As our dairy captain, he navigated us through quite some extraordinarily turbulent seas and was always on the bridge to set the right cap. Un grand merci, cher Michel!”

With the European Commission rolling out its five years’ work programme with full steam, Giuseppe Ambrosi’s focus will be highly based on promoting and reinforcing the image and reputation of milk & dairy.

“On this strong basis, we will be able to address the challenges ahead while acting as ambassadors of the European dairy sector, a symbol of Europe’s rich cultural and culinary heritage” Ambrosi pointed out. “I am committed to bring in my experience, my knowledge and all my energy in my new role.”

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