Octobot and Vyla connect dairy stakeholders through Ascend mobile application

Vyla, an open global technology platform, has announced the launch of the Ascend mobile application built in collaboration with software consultancy partner Octobot and supported by Land O’Lakes, Lely Group, and Nestlé for the US farming and dairy industry and with a global expansion in reach as of 2022.

As Vyla envisioned a solution to connect the supply chain better and increase collaboration in the sector, it partnered with Octobot for the development process due to the software company’s experience developing custom solutions for dairy businesses.

Ascend analyses the most essential barn and animal metrics and has a high level of customisation, sharing, and preference features. Users can select and edit metrics through customisable widgets, and the data can be shared, aggregated, and assigned in tasks to other team members. All dairy industry players can address persisting issues such as the livelihood of herds and nutrition value of dairy products through automating work processes.

First developed in Design Sprint and having met their time to market in four months, Vyla and Octobot continued to work together in furthering product improvements and advancing the application. The collaboration has been a long-term, innovative project providing an opportunity for the parties to evolve their knowledge about app development and the dairy sector in general.

“It has been great to follow the hard work and commitment of the team between Vyla and Octobot the last year, and now we can see the results materialized in the launch event. Companies like Vyla are equipping the dairy business with products like Ascend to optimise operations serving the dairy industry and farming as a whole. It shows that technologies can help track processes, provide insights to clients, thus supplement existing tools for a more sustainable industry. We are looking forward to the next challenges and collaborating with Vyla’s fast growth from here on!” said Guillermo Perez, CEO and co-founder at Octobot, on the app launch.

“Available on App Store, Ascend pulls data from on-site farms to a ground-level for farmers to run their farms in a more efficient manner. We are not replacing any application or competing with other applications on a farm, but we are connecting them for better visibility and adding new functionalities every month. Vyla is a community connector as we bring Vyla-members and the industry together, and this mobile app is one way to do that,” states Tim Taylor, CEO and founder of Vyla.

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