Dutch cheese factory wins Innofood Award 2021

With a majority of votes, the Innofood Award 2021 has been awarded to the cheese factory of Boer’n Trots Cheese, the Kaamps Estate from Deurningen, a small village in the Netherlands.

The Innofood Award is an appreciation for a company, organisation or person for the special performance within the annual theme of Innofood, The taste of origin. In addition to the Kaamps Estate, Duplaco and Bakery Fuite were also nominated for the prize. The three companies indicated by means of a pitch video why they thought they were eligible for the prize. The Kaamps Estate won the most votes and received the award.

The Kaamps Estate is a family business where they form the basis of the end product and manage the entire chain, from grass to cheese. The company makes special cheeses from milk from its own dairy cows in a sustainable and transparent manner, which are sold both in the Netherlands and abroad. There is also a brasserie and an estate shop, where customers can buy the farmstead cheese of Kaamps. The company has previously won several prizes for its artisanal cheeses at various international cheese competitions.

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