Dutch Jersey milk in China

Dutch dairy company, Holland Jersey, is launching its premium Jersey milk in China. Since the beginning of this year, Holland Jersey’s distinctive black cartons are being sold online (at https://global.jd.com) and across some premium supermarkets in China.

Demand for premium milk in China is growing. China’s flourishing coffee culture in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Beijing is the main driver for this demand. And with a naturally higher fat and protein content, Jersey milk makes the perfect cappuccino or latte, frothing up to foam better than any other milk. Jersey milk also has a low ecological footprint, something that’s becoming more and more important to customers in China. Jersey milk naturally contains more fat, protein, vitamins B, D & E, calcium and omega-3 than regular milk. No cream is extracted during production, so the milk contains on average 6.2% fat and 4.2% protein compared to 3.6% fat and 3.5% protein found in regular milk.

Holland Jersey is working with Gold Tulip, an international trade company in Shanghai with a large portfolio of international brands. Gold Tulip introduced Holland Jersey to local chefs and baristas to explain the characteristics of Jersey milk, with the goal to eventually inspire home baristas too. Look out for a TikTok campaign to support this launch.

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