Woerle wins for carbon reduction

The Green Marketing Awards saw victory for Austrian dairy Woerle for its Regional CO₂-Reduced project in the B-2-BE segment. Using a carbon dioxide reduction bonus, the company motivates its farmers to save emissions and also supports them in the implementation of such measures. For more than two years, the private cheese dairy has been paying its milk suppliers a bonus of up to €50 per tonne of CO₂ saved.  

Since then, a wide variety of projects have been supported, from energy-efficient milking and milk cooling systems to heat recovery.  

“We are very happy about the first place and that we are playing a pioneering role with our project. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of our cheese specialities step by step, and we can only do that together,” explains owner Gerrit Woerle.  

For the measures implemented so far, a saving of 8,343 tons of carbon dioxide could be achieved (value calculated over the guaranteed useful life or duration of the individual measures). This roughly corresponds to the carbon emissions of 66 million kilometers driven by car, the firm says.  

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