Yogurt and me

When I am eating healthily, yogurt is one of my go-to products. In fact, I would say that yogurt features at most of my breakfast and snack times. Yes, I am older than seven and still have a snack time. But there’s always that bit between lunch and dinner, where yogurt fits the bill nicely. I also find that yogurt winds up in most things like mash and creamy sauces as well now. We keep a giant tub of whole milk yogurt in the refrigerator, and in it goes.

I was over in the US last week, and enjoying New York dairy’s finest output, Chobani and Fage yogurts. I suspect that not many shoppers were spending some time gazing lovingly at all the dessert-like flavours that Chobani produces, nor inspecting the sides of the packages on all the products. But there I was, doing exactly that.

Over here in the UK, Llaeth Y Llan in Wales has opened a new yogurt manufacturing site, with the idea that it will expand into new markets and introduce new products to its customers. Yogurt is a great user of milk, as we all know, and I am sure the consumers in that part of the UK will appreciate the expansion of their dairy aisles. The lunchbox market is a key focus, and children continue to be to be top ingesters of yogurt.

Tate & Lyle is also adding 17 non-GMO starches for products such as yogurt to its ingredients line, which seems to be a top trend for most products, no matter where one is on the food chain. As Werner Barbosa, global platform leader for texturants at Tate & Lyle says, “In the past three years, non-GMO product sales in the US have grown by 270%.” That is a growth area that few manufacturers can ignore.

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