Signs of the times

The International Farm Comparison Network has been busy analysing the world’s dairy prices, and concluded that the milk price recovery is well underway now. Which is a very good thing, considering the trials and tribulations that the industry has suffered over the last few years of this most recent cycle, which has been ongoing since 2013. I hope the dairy industry will respond to Dr Torsten Hemme, managing director of IFCN, who says, “Let’s do not talk just about the milk crisis – it is better see the bigger picture of price cycles in dairy. The cycle that started in 2013 has now come to an end. And we shall be prepared for the next one.”

Let us hope that is true. Preparation in the good times will make it easier when the bad times inevitably return. As we know too well with farmgate prices, what goes up will go down. But in the meantime, let’s enjoy the bounce.

Meanwhile, I have received what is another sign of the times in the email today – a pdf ticket for the Dairy UK annual dinner, versus the usual, bring your card along and wave it at someone. A combination of recent terror-related events in London and possible protests by vegan activists at the hotel has made such measures necessary.

I feel badly that we can’t do without these items, but understand that we live in difficult times. For the first time ever, I went to a concert in central London the other night, went through metal detectors and was searched properly before entering. It was reassuring, at least.

The only good thing is that we all know that London and the UK have been through such things before, and that we can get through them. It is a terrible thing to be have to be good at, but there you have it.

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