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The news that Valio is committing to reducing salt and sugar is very timely. Although it does seem to come around every few years, this year has brought with it a push from consumers, government and companies to reduce sugar and salt in products in many areas of the globe. However, as Valio’s case has proven, the drive to reduce both salt and sugar has been underway for some time. The Finnish dairy discussed its plans with Dairy Industries International back in the autumn, and now we see the results of its marketing push in the UK, with both its lower salt and lower sugar products.

It is a key issue with consumers, the company says. On average, the intake of sugar per person in Finland is almost twice the recommended daily amount of 50 grams. Among the consequences of this is an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The average consumption level of salt is also often well above the recommended limit.

Indeed, this is a global issue. As populations age and become more overweight, the issue of salt and sugar intake will continue to be top of the list, I suspect.

I myself keep a keen eye on my own sugar consumption, but not as keen an eye on the consumption of my child. He opts for flavoured milks over less sugared items, although his intake now tends to be three bowls of cereal at a time with milk, and then a serving or two of milk during the day. Topped off by eating most of the cheese portions in the fridge, ingesting the fruit bowl and cleaning out the veggies. As he reaches his teenage years his intake is actually becoming a bit terrifying and his feet appear to be growing weekly. Ah well – the only trick is to keep his diet as varied as possible.

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