Independence Day and other matters

This weekend, the US celebrates the 4th of July, otherwise known as Independence Day. It is a day of great national pride and fireworks. Sort of like Bonfire Night, but with better weather because it’s in July and not November. A chance to come together and eat barbecued products, plus coleslaw and ice cream.

Times change, and in general, they head towards the better, despite our current situation. However, it doesn’t much feel like it sometimes. I am a pessimistic optimist. I always think of the worst thing that could happen, and then when it does not occur (because asteroids hitting the earth enough to make a difference are quite rare), I am cheerful about it.

I’m also of the opinion that if you wait long enough, the tide will turn and whatever is endlessly torturing a situation will abate. This is what made me confident England would win over Germany in the Euro Cup match recently. Why not, after so long losing to them?

So that’s the mindset. This month I am optimistic that, having had my vaccinations, I am ready to go to a cheese tasting or two. I know this pandemic is not over by a long stretch, but I feel that a visit to a place where I can sample delicious cheese or three, is a reason to be cheerful. While we can’t indulge in the complete cheese-fest that is the International Cheese and Dairy Awards up in the midlands, we can sample some of its offerings with its upcoming preview event in Stafford, with a view towards visiting 21-23 October. And, the World Cheese Awards (3-6 November) is highlighting its Spanish connection, with its preview event, complete with Asturian cheeses.

I think that is part of what we get from the destruction of our everyday life with this global event. Appreciation of the smaller things, and cheese is a big part of that appreciation.

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