It’s coming to Rome

There was a little matter of a football game to be played last night, and the result was that Italy won on penalties against England. Cue much sobbing into the beer from the island next to Ireland, but only parts of it. I was listening on the radio as I find it less stressful, but tuned into the second half to witness a penalty shootout that had my nerves on edge. Also, I noted the distressed looking woman dressed in a pizza outfit on the Italy side (see photo, courtesy of The Sun news website and paper). She was with Super Mario.

Which kind of makes me think, the difference is minimal for this. We all love pizza, Italy’s regional dish gone global. Mozzarella sales continue to increase throughout the world, and my son, if asked what he wants for dinner, will always chirp, pizza! This is borne out by Lea Kuscer, writing on, who says that it is young men who are most likely to eat pizza on a given day – probably because it’s easier to eat while gaming (latter opinion is mine).

Let’s look at the numbers, according to market statistics: the world market amounts to $145 billion. Europe’s share is $54.4 billion, reports, with North America close behind at $50.4 billion. This is a market that is attractive to the young, with 40% of millennials telling that pizza is “the best food in the world.” So, the rise of digital ordering and apps is helping to get pizza, and its role as a carrier for mozzarella and other cheeses, into people’s homes. I know I eat pizza about once a week, either by making it, or by heading to the supermarket and bringing home a selection of tasty topped pizzas.

In a way, no wonder Italy won, despite the brilliant playing by the English team throughout. Fish and chips can’t compete with the wonder that is pizza. That being said, Italy’s team is getting on, and the English side is young, keen and ready for the World Cup in 2022. This is a blip on the road to next year. It’s coming home…

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