Dairy dynamics in play

Technology is part of the fundamentals of dairy, so while tradition and terroir hold their place, using milk to create more innovative products is also key to engaging the consumer. Looking at everything in the supply chain, from farm to fork, is also making dairy one of the most dynamic of sectors globally. Farmers such as Fen Farms in Suffolk, UK are utilising technologies to reduce carbon footprints every day, from solar panels to heat exchangers on compressors.

Now, Arla Foods Ingredients has figured out a way to fractionate milk before it gets separated out in the cheese making process. AFI’s new patented milk fractionation technology not only allows for a bigger potential raw material pool, it also creates protein streams in a fully controlled process, with significantly reduced processing steps and a much more gentle processing of the milk.

The milk fractionation process is being pioneered for infant formula at AFI’s dairy in Videbaek, Denmark to fulfil a growing demand for organic infant formula, a market estimated to increase by 14.1% in the next two years. We start from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, new product development continues apace, with sleep-friendly ice cream brand Nightfood being named as grand prize winner of the Real California Milk Excelerator dairy innovation competition in the US. As winner of this prize, the firm gets resources and funding to bring its brand to 20,000 hotels across the nation.

It makes for interesting reading and these ideas are using dairy in ways that were almost not thinkable 10 years ago. I myself often enjoy ice cream on a nightly basis, and the idea that it would be helping me to get to sleep is an attractive proposition. It is a product I didn’t even think I needed, but now it’s available, I would be keen to seek out. Dairy is dynamic indeed.

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