Tetra Pak launches new ‘Dairy Processing Handbook’

Tetra Pak has released a new edition of its ‘Dairy Processing Handbook’, an industry reference book providing guidance on the key operational steps of dairy processing.

First launched in the early 80s, the publication has been revised, based on the 2003 version, to include new content on milk and whey powder; whey processing; concentrated yoghurt, as well as updates on commercial sterility regulations.

“When I was first introduced to the handbook, I was impressed by how clear and straightforward the text and illustrations were. It was easy to read and understand, even for colleagues without extensive technical background. I expect the new version will offer the same great capacity to convey complex processes with simple, understandable explanations,” says Peter Bosch, R&D and engineering director at Lactalis Brazil.

Phillip S. Tong (Ph.D), Professor of Dairy Foods within the Dairy Science faculty at the California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo) says, “The Dairy Processing Handbook is a great reference for any student or professional interested in gaining a broad understanding of the science and technology of dairy foods processing. I use it with university students from all levels to provide a solid practical foundation in the industry basics.”

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