German dairy sees drop

Despite a short-term improvement, revenues of the German dairy Milchwerke Schwaben fell last year by 14% to €189.9 million. Customers of Milchwerke Schwaben held back buying, because they hoped for falling prices after the abolition of the milk quota. Other factors such as tensions with Russia also played a role.

Investments of €1.8m were implemented last year. The expansion of branded products should bring the dairy and distribution along even further. In 2015 around 418 million kg of raw materials were processed.

The brand “Weideglück” yogurt and dessert rose last year by 1.47% in sales. Milk powder production declined by 8.34% in tonnage, in sales by 27%. The cheese brand range “Donautaler” and SB-Scheiben grew by 11.6% in sales, while sales of standard cheese declined by 14.8%. The tonnage, however, was increased by 6.4%.

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