Ammerland doubles milk deliveries in a decade

Ammerland dairy in Germany continues its growth course and continues to develop successfully, the company says. The year 2017 was good for Ammerland and its dairy farmers. The paid milk money was €0.365 cent/kg, around 35% higher than in the previous year. This value was above average both regionally and nationwide.

Processed milk volume increased by 3.4% (+ 57.8 million kg) to 1,738.5 million kg. Over the past 10 years milk deliveries have more than doubled (+ 105%).

As part of the strategic investment planning, a new cheese dairy was completed last year as an extensive expansion measure. A total of 134,366 tons of cheese, 44,790 tons of powder, 22,853 tons of butter and 134,820 tons of fresh produce were produced in 2017.

The earnings situation was characterised by a significant increase in revenues in all major product groups compared to the previous year. Overall, sales increased by more than a third (35.3% – around €232 million) to €889.5m.

As in previous years, balance sheet structure has developed well for Ammerland. Net income amounted to €6.98 million.

The year 2017 was marked by the implementation of new ideas and value-added concepts at Ammerland. Products made from pasture milk without genetic engineering have played a key role at national level. In September the dairy launched the “Our Ammerländer pasture cheese” campaign with GM-free cheeses Butter Cheese, Filet-Gouda and Maasdam.

At the same time, organic milk was delivered to the Bioland standard for the first time following an 18-month conversion phase on 40 farms. From the very beginning it was successfully marketed to industrial processors as well as in cheese slices via the trademark of a large German trading company.

In addition to these concepts, further expansion of the export business has contributed to the success of the dairy. Sales subsidiaries around the world developed positively and were able to expand sales for the Ammerländer brand in various countries. Since January 2017, Ammerland America Corporation has been marketing the products in North, South and Central America.

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