Dairy UK chairman calls for answers on Brexit

The chairman of Dairy UK has called for urgent answers on Brexit and the threat to stability for business and the dairy sector.

Speaking during the EDA Annual Convention being held in Dublin last week, Paul Vernon, Dairy UK chairman and CEO of Glanbia Cheese said: “The dairy sector needs answers on Brexit. Business leaders need to be able to plan for the medium to long term, and in order to do that we need to know not only if there will be a transition period but how long it will be, and what exactly it entails. This continued turmoil will simply not help UK businesses and will certainly not help the dairy sector.

“Businesses need time to be able to implement and test any proposed Brexit agreement. Deviation from how we operate today will cost businesses money, so the more time and clarity we have the more successful we can make any Brexit outcome. From the outset of the Brexit negotiations Dairy UK has called for clarity and we continue to do so today.”

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