What’s in your coffee?

The debate between vegan drinks and dairy milk in the UK took a trendy turn on the BBC’s 4 Farming Today radio show, with the National Farmers Union weighing in on the use of statistics in advertisements.

Samuel Pepys on plague

There is a joke Samuel Pepys diary entry going around the internet, where he talks about how 1665 was a horrible year with the plague, but he’s really looking forward to trying out the new bakery on Pudding Lane in 1666. London’s Great Fire started there, and he had to resort to burying his Parmigiano Reggiano wheel in the garden before fleeing London. Protection of the cheese is still important, I think.

The impending arrival of Brexit

I have been trying to not write about the endless negotiations going on in Brussels about Britain’s trade deal with the European Union. I have interviewed many people about it and there is almost a universal cry of, please, just give us some solid answers to base our plans on.

Ireland on the up

I thought the Bord Bia Virtual GB Trade Reception of particular interest in my flurry of webinars last week, seeing as how the UK is heading towards Brexit at high speed now, and taking Ireland, its largest trading partner, along with it.

Remember Brexit?

Brexit is still happening, among everything else in this very busy year. The news coming that the French are threatening to block a deal with the UK over fishing rights has a feeling of déjà vu about it all.

The bureaucracy files

Over the weekend, Jeremy Clarkson was in the Sunday Times, noting that while the rest of us were in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, he was in his office filling out government forms for his farming activities. I am sure some of our readers were with him, filling out those same forms. He also rightly pointed out that few farms could manage without the government help the forms provide, but now that Brexit is occurring, the subsidy will eventually stop.

Dairy demands outlined in framework

Across the European Union (EU28), there are 700,000 dairy farms, 12,000 milk processing sites and more than 300,000 people working in the sector. The dairy sector is the industrial and societal backbone of rural Europe in the EU27 as much as in the UK, the European Dairy Association reminds everyone in its dairy framework document, released on 31 January.


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