Käserei Loose reduces salt in yellow cheese

The Loose cheese dairy in Germany has reduced the salt content in its yellow cheese.

Loose has been producing sour milk cheese since 1921 and to date no additives and dyes or added sugars have been used. However, especially with cream cheese, the production and ripening process requires more salt than most other types of cheese. Loose now uses reduced salt in its products.

“As the market leader we are responsible to consumers. And we take them very seriously,” said Monika Schmidhofer, marketing manager of Käserei Loose.

“That’s why we decided to lower the salt content of the yellow cheese line, and thus make a contribution to conscious nutrition.”

This is not an easy task for a product, whose maturation is significantly influenced by the salt. “Sour milk cheese is a natural product,” explained Johanna Kolbe, product group manager at the cheese dairy. “The basic ingredient is sour milk quark, which we produce here in Leppersdorf. After salt and spices have been added, it matures into sour-milk cheese.”

After an intensive development process, the cheese-dairy now has succeeded in lowering the salt content while maintaining the taste. Over a period of several months the Loose cheese dairy worked on the new recipe, so it could reduce the salt content in yellow cheese by 15%.

“Of course we can not produce cheese without salt, that’s just not possible. But we were able to save salt and thus make an important contribution to the general reduction of salt,” states Schmidhofer. “A drop of 15% less salt in a yellow cheese is a considerable amount.”

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