Hansano gets a makeover

The Hansano brand from the Arla Foods dairy group in Germany is being repositioned with a new packaging design. Hansano wants to be more multifaceted and develop new categories of yogurt, quark and cream, according to the company.

“Hansano products are known and appreciated by many north Germans since their childhood. In order to keep a firm place in their hearts and everyday lives in the future, we rejuvenated the brand and have already adapted the packaging design. In addition, we will launch product innovations that appeal to younger buyers in the future,” said Elise Bijkerk, senior marketing director at Arla Foods in Germany.

The redesigned packaging of Hansano is putting its focus on enjoyment and being more modern. Green landscapes continue on the packaging as a symbol of the northern German landscape. At the same time the Arla logo has been integrated on the packaging in order to clarify the connection to the co-operative.

In addition to a new design, Hansano will offer customers another quality promise in the future regarding fresh pasture milk. With the participation of Arla in the Pro Weideland (pro pasture land) programme, Hansano will become part of an alliance of nearly 30 well-known institutions, which together promote grazing as a nature-oriented form of management. The Pro Weideland seal will adorn the packaging of Hansano Fresh Pasture Milk.

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