Bellwether Farms celebrates American Cheese Society Award wins

Bellwether Farms returned from The American Cheese Society conference in Richmond, Virginia, US, with five awards recognising its handcrafted sheep and cow milk products.

The American Cheese Society is the leader in promoting the American cheese industry; providing educational resources while encouraging the highest standards of cheesemaking, with a focus on sustainability.

The Society’s Competition is the largest contest of its kind for American-made cheeses, celebrating and respecting the craft of cheesemakers. Present to accept the awards was Bellwether Farms owner and cheesemaker, Liam Callahan, who was also featured during the conference’s ‘Meet the Cheesemaker’ event.

Bellwether Farms was recognised for the following cheeses:

  • Bellwether Farms Fromage Blanc – 1st Place Gold Medal in Fresh Unripened Cheese made from Cow’s Milk
  • Bellwether Farms Fresh Sheep Cheese – 2nd Place Silver Medal in Fresh Unripened Cheese made from Sheep’s Milk
  • Bellwether Farms Plain Organic Cow Yogurt – 2nd Place Silver Medal in Cultured Milk and Cream Products
  • Bellwether Farms Plain Sheep Yogurt – 2nd Place Silver Medal in Cultured Milk and Cream Products made from Sheep’s Milk
  • Bellwether Farms San Andreas – 3rd Place Bronze Medal in Sheep Milk Cheeses Aged over 60 days

Bellwether Farms adds these five medals to its collection of recent accolades, including the 2019 Good Food Award and the coveted Gold award at the 2019 sofi Awards, both for its Whole Milk Basket Ricotta.

Currently sold in hundreds of conventional grocery stores and independent retailers across the nation, including Costco, Bellwether Farms is known for its use of high-calibre ingredients and traditional techniques; resulting in products favoured for their flavours and textures.

Bellwether Farms lineup of fresh and cultured products include Organic Whole Milk Cow Yogurt, Sheep Milk Yogurt, Crème Fraiche, Fromage Blanc, Crescenza, and Whole Milk Basket Ricotta. The family-run creamery also offers a popular lineup of aged cheeses, such as Carmody, San Andreas and Pepato.

Located on 35 acres in Sonoma County, Bellwether Farms is dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices, ethical animal husbandry and crafting the highest quality dairy products possible. Passionate about supporting organisations who provide hunger relief or offer food-education to their communities, the family team established the nonprofit Bellwether Farms Foundation in 2016; pledging 1% of its sales to strengthen the food system and seek opportunities to invest in communities where its products are sold.

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