SIG launches new Combistyle cartons

Swiss company SIG has launched its new Combistyle carton pack. Featuring a distinctively shaped corner to ensure on-shelf differentiation, SIG also claims that the Combistyle offers added functionality and more convenience.

As well as shelf appeal, the new carton pack, which has stylised corner panels, provides a comfortable and safe grip while allowing brand owners to effectively communicate key messages with eye-catching designs.

“Combistyle offers our customers a future packaging concept that will instantly intrigue busy shoppers to find out more”, said Heike Klein, global product manager at SIG.

SIG’s present customers will benefit from a low investment needed to upgrade to combistyle on existing CFA810 and CF812 filling machines, which also can fill CombiblocMidi and CombifitMidi, the original packs for these lines.

This offers manufacturers shape flexibility for different product types and the ability to adapt to changing market demands, as three carton formats can be filled on a single line.

The Combistyle carton pack features SIG’s new CombiMaxx closure, which is fully resealable and leak-proof, allows for easier opening and better pouring, and offers an eco-friendly design.

Combistyle is available in a 1 litre format and a 500ml size will be added soon.

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