Müller sees rise in UK yogurt sales amid Covid-19 lockdown

Photo credit: Müller UK & Ireland

Müller has seen sales of its Müller Corner products surge by 14% throughout March and April, compared with January and February 2020. In the latest four week period, consumers reportedly purchased more Müller Corners than any other time in the last three years.

The business has also seen sales of Müller Bliss Mascarpone Style Yogurt, which is an indulgent Italian inspired yogurt that launched in October 2019, up +150% versus the previous eight weeks.

Müller Bliss was the fastest growing yogurt brand in 2019 with volume growth +32%. It has continued to perform strongly in 2020, with year to date volume growth +42%.

Throughout March and April, overall yogurt sales were  up by 3%, compared with January and February.

According to research by Kantar, when asked what the most important factor was when buying a yogurt, 64.4% said that it was taste. The second most popular answer was health benefits (26.8%).

Bergen Merey, chief executive officer at Müller Yogurt & Desserts said: “It appears that during this difficult period for the nation, people are looking for the familiarity of well-known and trusted brands. That’s perhaps why we’re seeing sales of our famous Müller Corner, the number one yogurt brand in the category, at the highest they’ve been in years.

“While we fully recognise the importance of trends towards gut health and the immune system, shoppers are telling us that health and happiness actually go hand in hand. Sales of our most indulgent yogurt, Müller Bliss Mascarpone Style Yogurt, are up +150% during lockdown, and the overall Bliss brand continues to surge in popularity.

“As we continue to do everything we can to help feed the nation, we’re grateful to shoppers for continuing to put their trust in Müller. They are determined to provide food for their families which can help add taste to life, and with our Müller Corner and Müller Bliss products, this is what we are delivering.”

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