Austrian consumption stable, but needs more butter

Statistik Austria has published its annual supply balance for milk and milk products, showing that per capita consumption in the country has remained largely static, with slight dips in drinking milk and cream, while butter and cheese showed increases. In 2018, the average Austrian consumed 76kg annually of drinking milk, and this has dropped to 74.4kg in in 2019. Cream went down slightly to 7.9kg per person, while butter showed a slight upwards trend of 5.6kg in 2019, from 5.5kg in 2018.

Cheese continued to trend up to 22.4kg per person in 2019, up from 21.8kg the year before. The country is largely self-sufficient in everything except butter, where it supplied 69% of its butter needs in 2019. Butter production was around 37,200 tons of butter, whereas consumption was 53,978 tons.

Austria could cover 170% of its requirements for drinking milk and 108% for cream. Cheese remains stable, with 97% of its cheese requirements being able to be met domestically.

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