Alpenhain food truck tours Germany

From the beginning of June to mid-August, a food truck in the Alpenhain design – the ‘Alpenhain BUSserl’ – is touring Germany for the first time.

Under the motto “Cheese happiness on the road”, the Alpenhain cheese specialties such as Obazda, Camembert Creme, Back-Camembert and Grill Cheese enjoyment are presented in street food style and become trendy dishes to go in burgers, wraps, bowls or shakshuka.

With the Germany-wide food truck tour, the Upper Bavarian company Alpenhain is trying to increase the awareness of its products beyond the Bavarian border, while refined and unusual recipe ideas show the trend potential and versatility of the vegetarian cheese specialties.

As part of various campaigns, end consumers are addressed and the use of the extensive Alpenhain range is also shown for food service customers.

The social media channels of Alpenhain are used to attract attention. In addition, both local radio partners and collaborations with bloggers ensure that the street food tour is advertised with high coverage for the planned campaigns.

As part of the ‘Alpenhain à la Carte’ campaign, the Alpenhain BUSserl takes on the lunch catering for companies in the respective cities. Selected radio cooperation partners draw attention to the special campaign with a wide reach, and radio listeners can apply for their company or their own department via various channels. During the lunch break, the winners can choose between three trendy dishes with Alpenhain cheese specialties: a burger with the typical Bavarian original Obazda, a light, vegetarian tabouleh and chickpea bowl with camembert cream or a fancy, oriental shakshuka with baked camembert.

The campaign addresses end consumers and also shows the potential of the calculation and preparation-safe cheese specialties for the food service, especially for use in canteens and restaurants.

The planned campaigns, which are aimed at end consumers and the food retail sector, include Germany-wide tasting, where the food truck stops in front of selected grocery stores and snacks are distributed to customers – for that small, special Alpenhain moment of indulgence to go. In keeping with the summer, fruity grill camembert skewers or quesadilla with grill cheese enjoyment complement the colorful mix of trendy dishes in the Snacking format.

The aim is to give customers outside of Bavaria a taste for the cheese specialties and to show them new, sophisticated uses.

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