Plant and dairy dialogue in a film

In addition to cow’s milk products, there are more plant drinks on the milk shelves of German supermarkets.

“It’s worth looking closely behind the production of milk and plant drinks. Talking with milk farmers can in this context create a lot of understanding,” says public relations assistant Melina Kostmann of the Association of Dairies in Lower Saxony (LVN).

Therefore students of the Jade University of Wilhelmshaven, together with the LVN, have set up a goal of creating a dialogue between the dairy industry and society. As the Covid situation has prevented meetings, the result is a video titled, “Milk isn’t black/white,” which has been released on the internet.

“We understand the film as a sustainable foundation for an open discussion about the topic of milk and dairy industry,” says Christine Licher, head of public relations at the LVN.

The video is not about listing arguments for or against the cow’s milk, but rather involving different perspectives. The video team of the project talked to passers-by in the centre of Oldenburg, who expressed their questions about the dairy industry. These questions were put forward by the students to farmers, who answered them from their personal angle.

According to LVN, the project has created a dialogue between social groups and therefore might encourage the public to deal with this topic even more.

“We are thrilled with what creative and fresh ideas the students tackle the subject of milk,” says Kostmann. According to LVN, the project has even caused a debate in the local press.

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