DMK adds to ice cream division brands

Germany’s DMK Ice Cream division has already licensed a number of top brands in recent years. Now, it has developed an ice cream creation inspired by the popular Manner Neapolitaner waffles. The ice cream contains hazelnuts and infused with a fine chocolate sauce and garnished with crunchy hazelnut brittle, which should provide a taste experience similar to the traditional Austrian brand. It comes in a 473ml tub.

In addition, PEZ, a worldwide cult brand, has introduced two vegan ice cream compositions in a 2×140 ml cup format with either strawberry-lemon or cherry-banana flavour.

Further, DMK partner, Ehrmann, has also made its way into ice cream, with ice cream varieties  chocolate and bourbon vanilla in the 2×165 ml cup format.

DMK’s own brand Milram brings Danish pastries to ice cream in North Germany with the Franzbrötchen (Little Loaf) ice cream. The well-known Danish pastry with cinnamon and sugar comes from the north and is popular. On this basis, an ice cream infused with cinnamon sauce is presented in a 473 ml cup.

From April, all new products can be found in retail outlets.

“Despite all the challenges, we have developed a structure through the consistent establishment and expansion of our brand cooperation, with which we were able to reduce the negative effects on our business. The past year has shown that strong branded products continue to enjoy high demand from consumers. This encourages us to have taken the right strategic course in the medium and long term,” says Marcus-Dominic Hauck, COO of the DMK ice cream division.

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