Dairy however you please

We are awash with cheese makers in the next issue, ranging from the PDO West Country cheddar types to Wyke Farms’ cheese grader. The similarity between them all is that they share a passion for the products they make. I have never met a cheese maker that was indifferent to the cheeses they produce, no matter what type. It’s always a pleasure to interview people who like what they do – as well as appreciately eating the output of their labour.

We are also currently in the middle of the cheese awards season here in the UK – Bath & West has gone and the International Cheese Show at Nantwich is just ahead. This year, Nantwich promises to be bigger and better than ever. The enthusiasm and passion grows along with the venue. It is heartening to see. Don’t miss our coverage in the July issue.

Meanwhile, on the liquid side, the world seems to have gone mad for flavoured milk, according to Tetra Pak’s most recent study of the global market, the Dairy Index. I can hardly blame them. While I am a keen imbiber of your usual semi-skimmed product, there is sometimes nothing better than a glass of flavoured milk with a peanut butter sandwich, in my humble opinion. My small child agrees and I usually don’t enjoy more than a bit before he devours the rest. Being American, I am training him to have his sandwiches with jam as well. However, the flavour of the milk is open to interpretation, and he usually opts for strawberry or mango flavoured milks over my preferred chocolate.

That being said, it doesn’t matter as long as the milk is ingested. Each to their own, as the saying goes.

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