How to customise customers

The news is that TOP from Wageningen in the Netherlands has introduced a new opportunity for entrepreneurial dairy farmers: the pasteurisation and packaging of milk from single cows. This seems to be another element of providing a customer experience through customisation. A dairy consumer may think that a certain cow provides the tastiest milk, and then order it directly.

Like the Snickers bars with funny words on them, it provides the consumer with an opportunity to buy the product that speaks most directly to them, as well as enjoying their much-loved treats.

So, there is an opportunity to gain customers through novelty value and then keep them through quality products. Marmite has also cottoned onto this idea, as has Coca-Cola. Indeed, personalisation has hit the soft drinks industry and millennials are buying experiences that mean something to them. And what could mean more than drinking milk produced by a single cow on a certain day?

In a world where there is more anonymous experiences with mass-produced products, the move by consumers to find a personalised, bespoke experience is greater than ever. Dairy processors, particularly those with smaller geographical areas, can provide these experiences. I look forward to drinking my milk from Elsie the cow very soon.

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