EU school food scheme highlights milk

The new European Commission School Food Scheme has put milk consumption in a prominent place, but neglects other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, according to the Europan Dairy Association. The Commission’s scheme is refocusing on long-term objectives such as fruit, vegetables and milk consumption, as well as tackling obesity and educating children about agricultural products. It joins up several previously separate schemes and offers administrative simplification.

The EDA notes, “Other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are not included. These and other categories of dairy/agricultural products can, however, be supported by member state level through educational measures, but these will be subject to the approval of the national health authorities.” The fixed budget for the milk scheme is €80 million.

Alexander Anton, secretary general of EDA notes, “In some countries dairy is mainly consumed in the form of cheese and yogurt, also at school level. These are dietary habits based on local culture that are hard to change. It’s a pity that the Commission did not take this into account when drafting its proposal. We fear that the current proposal will not be welcomed everywhere and will therefore lose its efficiency in some European regions.”

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