Tetra Pak facilitates drinking yogurt with fruit inclusions

Tetra Pak has announced that it has helped Yili, a Chinese dairy manufacturer, to produce what it claims to be the world’s first ambient drinking yogurt with large fruit and cereal pieces.

Yili launched the product in Tetra Top 200ml with large re-sealable screw caps.

Charles Brand, executive vice president, product management and commercial operations at Tetra Pak, says, “The new Tetra Pak TT/3 AD filling system has been designed to allow the particles to pass through seamlessly, and the new Tetra Top package uses a large re-sealable opening that makes it easy for consumers to drink the yoghurt with large fruit pieces.”

According to Tetra Pak, including large fruit pieces within an ambient beverage product is a challenging process. The heating of the product must be done carefully to ensure that the fruit pieces are not damaged or broken-down during the process, and the filling and packaging need to ensure even distribution of the fruit particles, keeping the quality and integrity of the final product.

The global market for ambient drinking yogurt is around 12.5 billion packages today, with quick expansion from China to South East Asia and the Middle East. It is anticipated that the addition of large fruit pieces and cereal grains will further increase consumer interest with more premium products.

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