DMK redesigns Humana packaging

Gemany’s Deutsche Milchkontor Group asked mothers in seven countries how to make their lives easier. The answers from 6,735 people were clear: safety, ease of use, responsive design, perfect dosing and bacterial protection. In search of a packaging that meets all the requirements, DMK joined up with the manufacturer A & R Carton.

The result is a new packaging for baby milk powder. The “myHumana Pack” can now be found in stores in five countries; Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

“Our patented packaging system spans more than three years of development. The packaging’s environmental and logistics benefits are clear: the myHumana Pack is noticeably lighter and has a lower carbon footprint than common packaging alternatives,” says Lars Willner, who is business area director at A & R Packaging.

The packaging is easy to open and close again. A protective membrane keeps the powder fresh, until it is first opened. Moisture and oxygen barriers protect against bacteria and nutrient loss, and the large opening prevents unnecessary skin contact with the powder. Its ergonomic shape and handy spoon holder make it easy to prepare with just one hand. The integrated measuring spoon can be dosed at the wiper edge. All packaging materials are BPA, mineral oil and chlorine-free.

The DMK Group is considering the future production and is investing in a state-of-the-art baby food plant. Strückhausen will be the new home of Humana and the myHumana Pack, it says.

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