New guide helps manufacturers unlock cheese market in Africa and the Middle East

Ingredion has developed a new guide to help manufacturers unlock the commercial opportunity in processed and analogue cheese in Africa and the Middle East.

Currently worth €69 billion, this market is predicted to grow by 4.3% CAGR by 2024, with the Middle East and Africa leading the way. Consumers’ lifestyles are changing, driven by urbanisation and increasing disposable income, and with it the types of products they want are changing too.

The ‘Meeting the Demand for Cheese’ guide uncovers the growing opportunity in cheese, exploring the formulation and production challenges that manufacturers will need to overcome in order to deliver ROI for their business. It shares practical advice for new product development teams, including how to optimise costs while still delivering the right functionality, processability and eating experience.

Helen Hook, strategic marketing manager for Starch Based Texturisers, Ingredion EMEA, commented; “The growth in these markets is set to continue until at least 2024, so now is the time for manufacturers to invest in creating delicious cheese products that consumers love. Whether it’s meltable pizza shreds, creamy spreadable cheese or quick and convenient sandwich slices, manufacturers will need to balance processability, profitability and, of course, final eating experience in the end product.

“Our new guide explores consumer trends in-depth, region by region, to help cheese manufacturers understand what their consumers are looking for. It also offers practical insights into optimising new product development, addressing common challenges such as security of supply, fluctuating raw material costs, improving quality and texture, and optimising formulation costs.

“Balancing these variables can be a challenge, but Ingredion has extensive expertise in helping manufacturers formulate successful cheese products – including processed and analogue block cheese, spreadable cheese and vegan cheese-style products.”

This three-part practical guide gives manufacturers access to:

  • The latest cheese consumption trends and forecasts;
  • Practical insights into optimising new product development;
  • How to harness ingredient functionality to formulate and manufacture high-quality, great tasting products competitively.

Alongside the ‘Meeting the Demand for Cheese’ guide, Ingredion has also developed an easy-to-use cheese recipe savings calculator to support manufacturers in maximising margins with starch-based texturisers. The new calculator helps producers to identify potential savings with the right ingredient solutions in analogue pizza cheese, while maintaining texture and quality.

To download your copy of the ‘Meeting the Demand for Cheese; A guide to unlocking the opportunities in cheese applications in Africa and the Middle East’, visit:

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