MIV awards innovation prize

The German Milk Industry Association (MIV) has awarded its milk-scientific innovation prize 2021 to Sarah Egert, a scientist from the Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn.

“Awarding the Milk-scientific Innovation Price 2021 Dr Sarah Egert from the dairy industry association is to honour her excellent scientific achievements. The winner has the potential to deliver important impetus and new insights in the important and complex area of nutritional sciences for the milk industry in the future,” says Hans Holtorf, deputy chairman of the Dairy Industry Association.

The €10,000 MIV prize is awarded annually to personalities, who are essentially involved in milk-specific research and science. This can be anything from natural sciences to law and economics.

Egert has been conducting the professorship for nutritional physiology at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn since the middle of this year. The focus of the research is the cardiometabolic effects of fatty acids and nutritional patterns, the bioavailability and efficacy of secondary plant substances and postprandial metabolism.

The methodological focus is on the implementation of controlled human nutritional studies. Questions of diet are of important importance in milk research. It is the role of milk and its components for a balanced diet that is the focus and gives evidence-based foundations for the public discourse.

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