The sugar rush

Sugar is in the news quite a lot recently, as the world tries to get to grips with a global obesity epidemic and the rising cost of diabetes to national health services. It seems you can’t turn a page in a newspaper without hearing about how Coca-Cola is reducing the sugar load in its products, or turn on the TV without an advertisement for lower sugar products.

However, all sugar is not the same, as Dairy UK has pointed out. The sugars found in milk, for example, are quite different to the added sugar found in some products. Free sugars are not total sugars.

Interestingly, the recent Public Health England Sugar Swaps campaign has maligned yogurts as being in the same category as sugar jellies, which is distinctly not the case. The yogurt offers a wealth of nutrition and health benefits, versus items such as jellies. It is silly and shortsighted to lump them in together.


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