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It is interesting that the current occupant of the White House seems to embody what healthcare issues the US has right now. He is an older gentleman and quite overweight. I have no doubt he probably suffers from type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure. And, having spent two weeks in my home country and consumed far more than my usual share of carbohydrates and sugar, I think I see the issues at work. He is not alone in the land of the large.

First up for the US is portion sizes. They’re huge. Secondly, the leaning towards the very sweet palate. My son, raised in the UK, spent half the trip taking one bite of the treat offered to him and then stopping, saying, it’s too sweet. Third, the eating of carbohydrates over eating better things like dairy. I won’t even get into the lack of walkable spaces in the suburbs.

I did my bit for the duration. I bought dairy and fruit, and brought it back to the house. Chobani has some marvellous creations in the US. I tended towards the fruit on the bottom ones – mango, raspberry, pomegranate, apricot – the entire spectrum was there. The Flip types were more desserty: Key Lime Crumble, Almond Coco Loco, Carrot Cake creation, Chocolate Haze Craze… it was a yogurt dessert-fest. I thought, if you will have sweet things, at least let there be some good dairy in there. My relatives, including my son, fought over the haze craze one.

Another thing I approved of was the vitamin-fortified milk. There is a worry that people don’t get enough vitamin D, and both D and A are added to milk there. You can also buy Lifeway kefir in 32oz, 16oz and 8oz bottles. Lifeway is launching here in the UK and Ireland, in smaller portions. I look forward to it.

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