And what a year it was

Honestly, if we had told you at the start of the year there would be a global pandemic and the year would end with a vaccine being approved, but you’re still going to be doing your morning Zoom cardio boxing class before working at home, would you have believed the person telling you that? And what exactly is a Zoom class anyway? You would have had no idea, unless you were in Asia.

For many in the dairy industry, this year has been a whipsaw of emotions, ranging from fear to happiness, and the many facets in between. Some businesses have shuttered, while others have realigned and found new ways to work online, delivering direct to people’s houses. Milk deliveries are up from last year, as more consumers discover the pleasure and benefit of having the milk delivered.

Personally, we had everything from chunks of Cornish Blue cheese to live lobsters delivered to the house, and there is something gratifying about someone pulling up with a locally sourced product for you. We now get baked goods delivered along with milk, which is a treat.

However nice that is, I do miss the sitting down in a restaurant or café and having someone serve me food and then take away the plates. The foodservice industry has paid so heavily for this pandemic, and dairy as suppliers has also suffered in this area. We did manage to get out a few times to eat, and in a way we really enjoyed the meals more as a special treat.

We’ve all spent more times with our families, and maybe learned to appreciate the smaller things in life, like enjoying dairy and cooking at home. This is good and I think some of that will remain after this is all over and we’ve been vaccinated.

Whatever 2021 brings, it is unlikely to be as eventful as 2020, I hope. May you all have a very safe and prosperous New Year.

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