Arla launches farm assurance program

Arla Foods has launched a farm assurance program, Arlagarden that is already in operation in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. The program focuses on milk quality, food safety and animal welfare and ensures all 12,700 Arla farmers are assessed to the same standards.

It aims to protect and enhance Arla’s reputation for supplying quality milk in its home markets, as well as increasing their ability to compete globally as export countries will have the reassurance the milk has been produced to the same high standards, the company says.

In the UK, Arla and Red Tractor have worked closely together during the development of Arlagarden. Arla farmers will continue to meet the Red Tractor requirements but in order to implement Arlagarden and its additional 16 standards efficiently across the 3,000 UK farmers who supply Arla; both schemes will be assessed at the same time.

David Clarke, chief executive at Red Tractor, says, “We welcome Arla’s continued, long term commitment to the Red Tractor scheme. We have worked in partnership with Arla to ensure Red Tractor continues to be at the core of dairy farm assurance assessments for Arla farmers and that they are delivered in an efficient way, specifically to avoid any duplication. We are also delighted Arla is extending its use of the Red Tractor logo on its branded products, demonstrating that Red Tractor is core to the business and that it is committed to communicating Red Tractor credentials to shoppers.”

Angela Rhodes, Arla farmer owner and member of the Arla amba board of representatives, comments, “As owners of Arla, our responsibility doesn’t end at the farm gate, but goes all the way from cow to consumer. Arlagarden is our way of ensuring that every litre of our milk is produced to high standards.”

Ash Amirahmadi, head of milk and member services, Arla Foods UK, adds, “Arlagarden is an independently audited standard that proves our farmers commitment to producing quality milk, caring for their cows and using antibiotics and medicines responsibly. This will reassure consumers that a little extra care every step of the way means they can trust that our products are of high quality, natural, tasty and healthy.”

As part of the preparation towards the rollout, Arla has carried out a series of meetings with 300 vets to discuss the new standards. In addition, Arla is in the process of running 60 workshops with farmers specifically focusing on antibiotic use.

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