Arla signs up for Too Good to Go in Germany

Too Good To Go, a food-rescue company, has launched the “Often Good Longer” campaign in Germany. The company is also calling for different food industry actors to work together against food waste in private households by using the phrase “Often Good Longer” on their products. Arla Foods is one of more than 20 companies, which is signing up on Germany.

Every year 6.1 million tons of food land in the garbage cans of private households in Germany. Almost half of all Germans confuse the expiration date with the consumption date. So food is disposed of out of ignorance, even though they are still edible. The “Look-smell-taste” test makes it easy to determine whether a product can still be eaten, even after the best before date has been reached.

Arla Foods Germany will use the addition “Often Good Longer” from February 2020 on its product Arla Skyr. The label is printed in the immediate vicinity of the expiration date. More Arla products will follow in the course of 2020. In addition, Arla Foods will be supporting the topic on its digital channels.

The Arla Foods Group already uses the additive on packaging for many dairy products in Denmark and Sweden.

“The measure is another component of our sustainability strategy, with which we also want to further optimise the utilisation of food. Because even in this country counts every food that is not thrown away,” said Markus Mühleisen, Germany’s head of Arla Foods.

“Therefore, we are very happy that ‘Often Good Longer” has now also come to Germany. In Denmark and Sweden we have already had good experience with the additional information on our packaging. In the future we would also like to encourage German consumers to do even more to prevent food waste, so that nutritious dairy products do not end up in waste unnecessarily,”

In the area of its own production, Arla Foods already has numerous measures to prevent food waste. For example, the dairy company has been working with an organisation of non-profit panels in Germany for many years.

This commitment was significantly strengthened in 2019. In the course of this year, more foodstuffs that could no longer be sold were made available to people in need of assistance, in comparison with the previous year.

In addition Arla Foods has further optimised its forecasts of anticipated sales to produce as needed. And co-operation with retail customers is further improved in order to fine-tune the quantities required.

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